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Speaker's Bureau

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Speaker Elaine W. Miller

Elaine gives life altering retreats and to encourage an evangelist life that's better than chocolate and spiritual insights to boost your marriage. 

Fees: Flexible

Travel: Willing to Travel (National & International)

Categories: Evangelism, Marriage, Spiritualism, Retreats, Salvation

Speaking Topics
  • A Life Better Than Chocolate

In this evangelistic message, Elaine shares the crisis that brought her to the realization of her sin and her need of a Savior. Elaine concludes with an invitation to pray and receive Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord. Many have responded to this powerful salvation message.
  • Marriage Boost

Based on her book "We All Married Idiots," Elaine shares the three things you will never change about your marriage and the ten things you can.
  • A Spiritual Makeover

Living in a world obsessed with outward appearance, we can neglect what's happening inside. Elaine takes the audience through Colossians 3 and performs a spiritual makeover of the heart.
  • Good To Go - Glad I Went

In this four-session retreat Elaine encourages the audience to get rid of things that entangle, and run the race God planned for us before we were born. Session titles are Surrounded by Witnesses, Throwing Off What Hinders, The Sin That Entangles, and The Race Marked Out for Us.

  • Shine!

Elaine shares her heart for the lost and for the church in her teaching of the who, what, when, where, why, and how of the Holy Spirit. The audience is given opportunity to receive the Holy Spirit (salvation) and to be filled with the Holy Spirit (living the life God intended for each believer). Those attending have said, "Speaker was amazing. Subject matter was so applicable. Easily understood message.


"Elaine had us laughing and crying in every talk she gave. Not only was Elaine Miller entertaining, her talk-times were so practical. Her strengths are her ability to captivate an audience when she tells a story, her use of original illustrations from real life, her subtle mix of humor and emotion, her gentle and vulnerable way of sharing the truth she has learned from scripture." 
Deborah Kessler

"Incredible! I could listen to her on a regular basis. Her wisdom and knowledge is admirable as well as her obvious obedience to God's plan. What an awesome woman!!!"

"I loved her talks and was touched by her heart. There is a part of me that has changed and will never be the same."

A popular author and speaker, Elaine W. Miller is known for sharing biblical insights with warmth, enthusiasm, and humor. A member of the Advanced Writers and Speakers Association, she has brought splashes of serenity to audiences for over 25 years. Elaine is the author of three books, "We All Married Idiots: Three Things You'll Never Change About Your Marriage and Ten Things You Can," "Splashes of Serenity: Bathtime Reflections for Drained Moms" and "Splashes of Serenity: Bathtime Reflections for Drained Wives." Her work is published in "Sanctuary — A Devotional Bible for Women" as well as several magazines. Elaine and her husband, an ordained minister, have led many marriage retreats and counseled numerous hurting couples. They travel annually to Bosnia as a Pastoral Care Couple to missionaries there. Residing in upstate New York, Elaine and Dan enjoy a beautiful life and ministry together. Three married children and eight grandchildren complete their joy.

Twitter: @ElaineWMiller

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Speaker Jeanette Levellie

Jeanette's speeches serves 2 scoops of grace with chuckles on top. Don't miss her heartwarming encouragement to spur you onward!

Fees: Love Offering + Travel Expenses

Travel: USA

Categories: Cancer Survivor, Marriage, Editing, Relationships, Emotional Healing, 

Speaking Topics
  • Two Scoops of Grace with Chuckles on Top
This encouraging, humorous message can be used for a one-time event or divided into three parts for retreats. 

With touching and funny examples from her own life and biblical truths, Jeanette shows how we can extend grace to ourselves and others. She ends the message on a humorous note, detailing the emotional, physical and spiritual benefits of laughter. 

Jeanette weaves humor and music throughout the message, and interacts with her audience, for a feel-good experience.
  • Touching Lives

Are you in a place you’d rather not be?
Are you waiting, waiting, and waiting some more for a prayer to be answered?
Do you wonder why certain events in your past took place?

In Touching Lives, Jeanette Levellie will take you on an encouraging journey to help you discover some of the why’s in life’s puzzling circumstances. 

Using biblical illustrations and stories from her own life, Jeanette undergirds your faith in God’s willingness to turn every tragedy to triumph, and use you to bless others. 

After hearing Touching Lives, you will never again say, “I am just a __________.” Instead, you’ll confidently declare, “I am touching lives right where I am today!”
  • Spur One Another On

A cowpoke-themed program uses the acronym S.P.U.R. to encourage us to help fellow believers flourish in Jesus. 

Jeanette uses music, God's Word, and audience participation in this lively message, showing how to:

Speak words of encouragement, 
Pray for others, 
Understand others' points of view, and 
Rejoice with those who rejoice
  • From Couture to the Cornfields

In this humorous message, Jeanette compares living in Los Angeles most of her life to living in rural Illinois, where she and her husband moved in 1999 to pastor a country church. 

Get ready for a hilarious adventure of city-life vs. country livin', complete with wardrobe change by Jeanette, and ending on a heartwarming note that focuses on being a good neighbor.

  • Time Management for Part-Time Writers

If you have kids at home, work a day job, or got an A+ in Procrastination 101, you will benefit from the tools Jeanette has used to write and publish hundreds of columns, articles, and a full-length book—in her spare time. 

Discover how to employ the unique strengths of your personality to accomplish more as a part-time writer. Jeanette presented this workshop at the Northern Inland Christian Writers Conference in 2012 and received stellar reviews from participants.


“Jeanette combines wisdom and gentle humor to mend tattered souls. Her sweet spirit and selfless attitude rest upon her listeners like a nurse's reassuring hand. She is one of the most compassionate, encouraging Christians you will ever meet.”
--- Cammie Quinn, Author

"Very enthusiastic. Fun presentation - great ideas and usable solutions. Wonderful presenter."

"Very usable information. Lots of take home resources."

"A beautiful person who spontaneously gave me assistance.”

--Attendees at Inland Northwestern Christian Writers Conference

A spunky, sometimes reluctant pastor’s wife of thirty-plus years, Jeanette has published Stories in Love is a Verb with Gary Chapman, Falling in Love with You (Oak Tara Publishers), and Guideposts anthologies (Tragedy to Triumph and Love and Forgiveness); Articles in Vista, God’s World Today, The Christian Communicator, Birds & Blooms, Country, and Country Extra magazines; Devotionals in The Upper Room, Daily Hope, Light from the Word, and Glimpses of God; Verses for Celebration Greetings; Poems for La Leche League International calendars. 

She is the author of the humorous devotional book, Two Scoops of Grace with Chuckles on Top: Sweet, Funny Reminders of God’s Heart for You, a bestseller in the humor category on Amazon, published by Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas in April, 2012. 

Jeanette’s bi-weekly humor/inspirational column, God is Bigger, has been a popular feature in the Paris Beacon News since 2001. She writes at least twice a week for her blog, On Wings of Mirth and Worth,, and regularly contributes to award-winning writer and editor James Watkins’ Hope and Humor website,

As a former history/government teacher with an Associate’s degree in English, Jeanette enjoys speaking to church and civic groups, offering hope and humor in every message. She is a trained vocalist, has recorded two records with her family, and written several songs. Her hobbies include reading, gardening, traveling, and finding ways to avoid housework. 

She and her husband Kevin relocated from Los Angeles to Paris, IL. in 1999 to pastor Nevins Christian Church. They are still trying to adjust to the frigid winters, but they love the warm country folks. Jeanette and Kevin are Mom and Dad to two adults, grandparents to three children, and servants to four cats.

Twitter: @JenLevellie

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Speaker Jill Richardson

Jill gives practical advice on recovering from profectionism & the Mommie Dearest Syndrome when life gets overwhelming

Pen Name: Jill Richardson

Fees: $75-$500, +Travel

Travel: Midwest states. Contingent upon fee offered.

Categories: Cancer Survivor, Marriage, Editing, Relationships, Emotional Healing, 

Speaking Topics
  • How Come I Was So Nice Before Having Kids?

An exploration of the changes motherhood brings and the anger we never expected to erupt in our storybook lives. Are you the only one who feels like Mommie Dearest? Or is it normal? Can patterns change it before it's too late? An honest look at anger management for parents in the trenches. What causes it, and how can we deal with it?
  • Perfect is the Enemy of Good Enough

Are you exhausted by living amid the cult of excellence? Convinced that anything less than 110% is losing? Scared that making mistakes means you are a failure? Or do you have the subversive suspicion that, sometimes, good enough really is good enough? Follow Jill with steps to 'recovery' of your life and freedom to be Jesus' idea of "perfect."
  • I've Got a Gun in My Garage, a Sword in My Car, and a Body in My Freezer - Life Lessons from Community Theater

Life is full of improvising, creating something out of nothing, getting out there ready or not, and helping others take the lead. A humorous look at what God has taught me through ten years leading community theater.
  • Happily Ever After

Recapturing our children’s imagination in the age of technology. Are we losing that spark of creativity in this generation? What's bad about that? How can you combat the trend when everything around your child aims to turn him into a button pushing pint- sized zombie? Practical plans for fostering imagination.

  • Don't Forget to Pack the Kids

Two options for this travel talk: 
1) Taking your kids on a mission trip--Don't think it can be done? Think again. The benefits, joys, and challenges of serving with your kids, as well as the surprising ability you have to do it now. 
2) With experience in travel writing, I spend a lot of time planning and executing the perfect family vacation. Which doesn’t exist. How to: travel with kids and sanity intact, plan for all ages, take the dream trip you didn’t think you could afford, and volunteer together on vacation.


"Jill's many years of experience in ministry, drama, and writing give her a unique blend of gifts that is a blessing to both the church and the community. Her creativity and artistry are rare qualities, and her voice is one that needs to be heard."
Erick Ewaskowitz, Lead Pastor, Resolution Church

"Jill is a well traveled and published author with a relevant message. She will delight the listeners, and they will leave with a broader knowledge of who they are as well as having enjoyed her fellowship."
Diana Flegel, Agent Hartline Literary Agency

"I personally kept all Jill's freelance articles in my files and used them as illustrations. She speaks and writes from personal experience and from creative stories and in a very clear way."Ken Henry, retired pastor, Minneapolis First Free Methodist

Jill has been a high school teacher, pastor, editor, and writer, and the field is still wide open for future options. She speaks and writes on a wide range of topics, having published hundreds of magazine articles, one novel, one book of plays, and two non-fiction books. 

Jill has a BA in English and Education from Washington University in St. Louis and an MDiv in theology from Bethel University, St. Paul. She serves as Pastor of Discipleship at Resolution Church in Oswego, Illinois.

Jill speaks on an eclectic range of topics to church, school, and retreat groups in Chicagoland and surrounding areas.

A mother of three interesting girls and wife of one fabulous man, in her spare time, Jill enjoys gardening, directing and performing in community theater, reading, travel, and being a gymnastics mom.

Twitter: @jillmarierichar