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Speaker's Bureau

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Speaker Linda Rondeau

Linda gives hope to families battling cancer and motivates couples to recharge their marriage.  

Pen Name: L Rondeau

Fees: $75 + travel beyond 50 miles from home

Travel: East Coast USA

Categories: Cancer Survivor, Marriage, Editing, Relationships, Emotional Healing, 

Speaking Topics
  • Breast Cancer Awareness

My cancer was discovered after I visited my doctor with a painful knee problem. She realized I was overdue for a mammogram and insisted I get one. Since there is no history of breast cancer in my family, I was surprised when I was diagnosed with invasive cell carcinoma of the breast. That put me on an emotional and physical roller coaster ride. Yet, through the experience, I found God in a way I might not have otherwise.
  • The Senior Writer

Seniors are entering the writing field in unprecedented numbers. The older writer faces numerous challenges that younger writers cannot even imagine. What are these challenges and how can seniors best equip themselves to meet them?
  • Where Did Prince Charming Go?

Keeping marriage alive for the long haul. Marriage is under attack as never before in our culture. This is especially true for couples who have been married a long time. What can older couples do to keep love alive in their advancing years?
  • Thanking God for the Burrs in Our Relationships

Finding healing for damaged relationships. Rondeau relates her own experiences of healing from a troublesome relationship with her mother that spanned decades.

  • Self-Editing for the Fiction Writer

Self-editing is much more than spelling and grammar checks. Rondeau helps the beginning author to look objectively at their manuscript, delving deep to enrich their stories.


"Linda entertains as well as makes us think..."
Kris Moore

"I enjoy Linda's wit and depth of insight."
Charlotte McQuinn

"Linda is a deep thinker and I enjoy her spiritual insights..."
Judy Genaway

Breast cancer survivor, Rondeau's books are critically acclaimed and include: The Other Side of Darkness (winner of the 2012 Selah Award for best first novel), America II: The Reformation, Rains of Terror, and the Christmas special, It Really Is a Wonderful Life. A former social worker, Rondeau is known for her poignant messages of hope during times of crisis. Rondeau resides in Jacksonville, Florida with her most patient husband and is active in her local church. She is a member of the Florida Writers Association, and American Christian Fiction Writers. Rondeau is noted for her work with senior writers and mentors writers of all ages and genres. Rondeau spent over thirty years in Community Theater and sometimes presents skits and monologues in her speech appearances.

Twitter: @wrondeau

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Speaker Cleo Lampos

Cleo gives valuable insight to parents and educators when teaching our young children. 

As a ministry leader, Cleo encourages us to remember the orphan train. 

Fees: $100 - $500 + travel expenses

Travel: Midwest, Chicago area (within a day's drive)

Categories: Children's Education, Children's Ministry, Teaching, Early Education, Special Education, Parenting, Adoption

Speaking Topics
  • 5 Books That Influenced My Teaching Career

Books help to shape a teacher's philosophy and calling in education. Five books propelled my career in Special Education as well as teaching culturally deprived children. A time to share the audience's book choices is provided.
  • Getting Your Preschooler Ready for Kindergarten

There are so many ways to prepare a child to be successful in school by using household routines and materials. The activities introduced are easy to do, inexpensive, and fit into the normal structure and rhythm of a mother's day.
  • 10 Things College Did Not Teach to Prepare Educators for the Classroom

College prepares an educator for a lot of the experiences confronted during the first year of teaching. However, there are ten things that are necessary for a successful career that are seldom if ever discussed on campus by professors.
  • The 8 Intelligences by Gardner with a Christian Viewpoint

The eight intelligences developed by Gardner give insight into a person's predisposition whether they are family, student or neighbor. Knowing the basic underlying intelligence gives clues for formulating the most successful activities for the person. A Christian viewpoint of this way of evaluating intellectual gifts is given.

  • Remembering the Orphan Train

Taking in orphans is a Judeo-Christian tradition. Tracing the history of adoption and the beginnings of social work through the orphan trains, the audience learns about present day opportunities to ease the plight of homeless children in this country and overseas. Lampos has attended a reunion of the Orphan Train Riders and has met four surviving riders who are in their late nineties.


"I am privileged to have been Cleo Lampos' pastor for the last five years and during this time I've watched her expand her writing and speaking ministry. Cleo is, in the first place, a devoted follower of Jesus Christ and her various callings and ministries flow out of this relationship. She also is in every sense of the phrase, a word-smith. Cleo uses both the written and spoken word to tell stories about God's grace and to describe the world around us in a way that highlights God's sovereign rule. I have and continue to recommend Cleo's writing and speaking ministries to any and all who I'm convinced could be blessed by them."
Rev. Phillip S. Leo, Calvin Christian Reformed Church, Oak Lawn, Illinois

"Cleo Lampos is a warm engaging speaker who brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to her audiences."
Lynn Austin- author

"I have known Cleo over the last three years at Calvin CRC Church. She has often been a script writer, dramatic speaker and liturgist in our services. As a member of our worship ministry, she has often written dialogues that have helped the congregation understand the meaning and significance of the Christian faith. I have had opportunity to hear Cleo speak in other venues and enjoyed her clear and insightful writing and speaking."
Pastor Rich De Vries, Oak Lawn, Illinois

Cleo Lampos has taught in the public school system for 26 in both regular education and special education. Her experiences are written in her book, Teaching Diamonds in the Tough:Mining the Potential of Every Student. She has written magazine articles on the topics of parenting, education and inspiration. As a retired teacher, Lampos participates on the worship team of her church, works with the GEMS program and Kids Connex, helps grow vegetables for Share the Harvest, and volunteers in the Bible League Thrift Store. She earned a Bachelors of Education from University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, and a Master's in Special Education from St. Xavier College, Chicago. Ten grandchildren keep her and her husband busy.


Thursday, November 8, 2012

Meet Speaker Lena Nelson Dooley

Lena will teach you how to move your writing to the next level. 
As a ministry leader, Lena moves you beyond spiritual roadblocks. 

Fees: $100 - $250 + travel expenses

Travel: Wherever the group is willing to pay for the expenses

Categories: Discouragement, Faith, Encouragement, Writing, Editing, Writing Characterization, Writing Emotion, Pacing, Description, Settings

Speaking Topics

  • Comparisons Equal Discouragement

So often, we are hampered by what we perceive about other people's successes. Our comparisons to what others accomplish or obtain should not be the measuring rod by which we decide if we're making it. I offer steps to recognize if that is your problem and how to move beyond that to where God wants you to be.

  • Understanding God's Heart

Without an understanding of God's heart, we can't recognize when we are in His will for our lives. I share scriptures to help us move beyond the ties that bind us in our present position

  • Getting the Words Right

A teaching that helps participants learn the best way to edit their own written words for maximum impact.

  • Layering Pizzazz

A method that helps authors take their writing deeper into their characters minds and emotions. A workshop that helps them learn the layers that are needed.

  • Settings Beyond Talking Heads and Bare Stages

A workshop that helps authors learn how to weave the tapestry of their stories to include enough description to ground the reader without overloading the narrative and slowing the story down.

"Your workshop freed me to move my writing to the next level." (TX)

"You're an enthusiastic speaker, who kept my attention on your topic for the whole time.” (CO)

Your insights helped me move past spiritual roadblocks. Thank you." (TX)

Award-winning author, Lena Nelson Dooley, has more than 700,000 books in print. 

Lena loves James, her children, grandchildren, and great grandson. She loves chocolate, cherries, chocolate-covered cherries, and spending time with friends. Travel is always on her horizon. Cruising, Galveston, the Ozark Mountains of Arkansas, Mexico. One day it will be Hawaii and Australia, but probably not the same year. Helping other authors become published really floats her boat, with eighteen signing their first book contract after her mentoring. Three of her books have been awarded the Carol Award silver pins, and she has received the ACFW Mentor of the Year award. The high point of her day is receiving feedback from her readers, especially people whose lives have been changed by her books. 

Her 2010 release was Love Finds You in Golden, New Mexico, from Summerside Press which won the 2011 Will Rogers Medallion Award for excellence in publishing Western Fiction. Lena is currently under a 3-book contract with Charisma House/Realms. The first book released in October 2011. Maggie’s Journey appeared on a reviewers Top Ten Books of 2011 list. It also won the 2012 Selah award for Historical Novel. The second is Mary’s Blessing, which released in May 2012. Catherine’s Pursuit is coming in February 2013.

In addition to her writing, Lena is a frequent speaker at women’s groups, writers groups, and at both regional and national conferences. She has spoken in six states and internationally. She is also one of the co-hosts of the Gate Beautiful blog radio show.

Lena has an active web presence on Shoutlife, Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads, Linkedin and with her internationally connected blog where she interviews other authors and promotes their books. 

Twitter: @lenandooley

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Meet Speaker Davalynn Spencer

Author & Speaker who will bring laughter in your tears as she speaks from the heart!

Fees: $200-$800 + Travel

Travel: California, Colorado & Neighboring States

Categories: Women's Ministries, Faith, Encouragement, Fear, Peace, Virtuous Women

Speaking Topics

  • Sometimes Life's a Rodeo!

Have you ever found yourself face down in the dirt wondering what hit you? With this popular women’s retreat theme, Davalynn shares her experiences as the wife of a rodeo clown/bullfighter and offers practical suggestions for spitting the dirt out of your mouth, dusting off, and facing your charging bull as you Rely On Devine Energy Only.

  • Warrior Woman

Ever wonder what it means to be a “virtuous woman”? You’ll be surprised to learn that it’s not what you expected.

  • Always Before Me

As master of the universe, isn’t God too busy to care about little ol’ you? Besides, how can He be out in front leading you and right at your side—all at the same time?

  • F.R.E.T.

Davalynn shares her struggle with and victory over a fear-filled topic that strangles life and peace from today’s busy woman.

“Davalynn’s passion for God’s word and how to apply it to everyday life is refreshing and extremely challenging. She models what she has learned in life experiences and leaves her audience with the desire to know and experience God on a deeper level. Her authentic presentation, candor, and love for the Lord are evident as she speaks from her heart.”
Debbie Smee, Dir. Of Women’s Ministries, Porterville Church of the Nazarene

"Davalynn is a gifted communicator as well as a teacher. She has the unique ability of combining knowledge, preparation, and excellence in delivery to get her message across.”
Carol Mardock, Ex. Dir. International Family Services

“Davalynn’s devotions cut right to the heart and speak God’s truth into women’s lives. Be ready for some laughter in your tears.”
Linda Scholtz, Co-editor The Line Rider (Fellowship of Christian Cowboys) Pueblo, Colorado

Davalynn Spencer is an award-winning journalist and freelance writer whose work has appeared in Chicken Soup for the Soul, The Upper Room, Power for Living, Quiet Hour, American Cowboy, and Western Horseman among others. A former middle school teacher, she currently teaches writing at a Colorado community college and holds a B.A. in education and a Master of Fine Arts in creative writing. Her first romantic novella was released December 2012 and she continues to write romantic-suspense represented by Linda Glaz of Hartline Literary Agency. As an active member of her church worship team, she loves playing the piano—even more than eating chocolate or taking morning walks along the Arkansas River. She and her husband make their home in Colorado.